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Descendants of R A Beaty



Generation No. 1


1.  R A1 BEATY was born in Ireland, and died in Americus, GA.


Notes for R A BEATY:

R A Beatty was born in Ireland and came to America around late 1700 or early 1800.  He was married twice (we are kin by his first marriage). His sons could not get along with their new step mother so Alford, Robert & Johnny ran away and came to Texas.  Robert was 14 at the time.  Robert saw his father once more when he and his daughter (Fairy Kathleen) went back to see him in 1908.  The first RA Beatty was 98 years old when he died at Americus, GA (the county seat of Plains, GA.  It is about 10-12 miles from Americus.  R A Beatty was court clerk there for many years. RA owned 600 acres in Americus GA.


Beaty Lineage #298.



Children of R A BEATY are:

                   i.    ALFRED2 BEATY.



Lived at or near Dallas, Texas



                  ii.    JOHNNY BEATY.



Went to Houston, Texas



                 iii.    MAMMIE BEATY.

                 iv.    KATE BEATY.

                  v.    SUSAN BEATY.

2.              vi.    ROBERT ABRAHAM BEATY, b. 1854; d. Mobile, Alabama.



Generation No. 2


2.  ROBERT ABRAHAM2 BEATY (R A1) was born 1854, and died in Mobile, Alabama.  He married ALICE ISABELLE HOOD July 05, 1880 in Scatter Branch, Texas, daughter of JAMES HOOD and FAIRY MCELMORE.



Robert Abraham Beatty was married twice.  He had one child by his first wife.  Alice Isabelle was his second wife.  Robert worked for Alice's father at Scatterbranch, Texas.  Robert left his family in 1919 (ran away with another woman) and went to Alabama.  He is buried near Mobile, Alabama.  None of his children ever saw him again.



Joint Will of Robert A Beaty and Alice Beaty



The State of Texas

County of Wood




We, Robert A. Beaty and Alice Beaty, husband and wife, of the county of Wood, State of Texas, each being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and being desirous to settle our worldly affairs while we and each of us has strength to do so, do make and puplish our last will and testament, hereby revoking all others heretofore made by us or either of us.


First:    We desire and direct that our bodies be buried in a decent and christian-like manner,

     suitable to our circumstances and conditions in life.


Second:   We desire and direct that all our just debts be paid out of our estate without delay, by the

     Executor or Executrix to be hereinafter named and appointed.


Third:    It is the desire and will of each of us, that all of the property, both real and personal, that we

     may die seized and possessed of, either jointly or separately, after the payment of all our

     just debts, including those incident to the burial above mentioned, together with all the

     expenses incident to and connected with the probating of this will, shall pass to and vest in

     fee simple in the survivor of we two, Robert A. Beaty and Alice Beaty, and after the payment

     of all the just debts, we, and each of us, give, bequeath and demise to the survivor, the

     remainder of all the property, both real and personal, we may own either jointly or separately,

     or be interested in likewise at the time of our death, in fee simple, to manage, sell and dispose

     of as such survivor may wish or see proper.


Fourth:   We and each of us hereby constitute and appoint the survivor of we two, Executor or

     Executrix, as the case may be, and direct that no bond or security be required as such.


Fifth:    We desire and direct that after the death of both of us, that all property, both real and

     personal, that might belong to us or either of us be gathered together, together with all claims

     that might be owing by our heirs or otherwise, and after the payment of our just debts, the

     balance or residue then remaining be divided between the following heirs as follows:

     To Mattie Virginia Beaty, and her heirs, $25.00 in cash or its equal.

     To Gussie Beaty and Fairy Beaty each and their heirs, a one half of all the property then

     belonging to our estate.


Sixth:    We desire and direct that no further action be had in the courts in the administration of our

     estate or estates than to prove and record this will and to return an inventory and

     appraisement of our estates and list of claims.


     IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we and each of us in the presence of each other and in the

     presence of the subscribing witness, hereto set our hands at Yantis, Texas, this June

     29, 1915.


     Signed by the parties as their last wills and testaments, in presence as attesting witnesses,

     and I hereto sign as such at their instance.




Robert & Alice had three other children that all died during their first year of life.  Names are unknown.



Children of ROBERT BEATY and ALICE HOOD are:

                   i.    GEORGIA3 BEATY, d. Yantis, Texas - age 18; m. J T ADAMS.

                  ii.    GUSSIE MAE BEATY, m. ALVA ROE.

                 iii.    RUTHIE MAY BEATY, b. September 06, 1893; d. August 10, 1895.

                 iv.    LEE BEATY, b. September 22, 1895.

3.               v.    FAIRY KATHLEEN BEATY, b. August 24, 1898; d. October 03, 1991, Mount Vernon, Texas.

                 vi.    IVEY ESTELL BEATY, b. May 30, 1907; d. August 30, 1908.



Generation No. 3


3.  FAIRY KATHLEEN3 BEATY (ROBERT ABRAHAM2, R A1) was born August 24, 1898, and died October 03, 1991 in Mount Vernon, Texas.  She married (1) GEORGE COLUMBUS REEVES.  She married (2) ODIE ARTEMUS FLOYD March 20, 1914 in Yantis, Texas, son of JAMES FLOYD and ELLA LUNSFORD.



Fact 1: Social Security Number was 454-36-9215



Odie was ashamed of his name, especially Artemus and liked to be known as O A Floyd.  It is assumed that is the reason R A only had initials for a name.



Children of FAIRY BEATY and ODIE FLOYD are:

4.                i.    R A4 FLOYD, b. May 31, 1915; d. July 1982, Fort Worth, Texas.

5.               ii.    JAMES PAUL FLOYD, b. May 18, 1919, Yantis, Texas.

6.              iii.    DELANA IMOGENE FLOYD, b. September 11, 1920.



Generation No. 4


4.  R A4 FLOYD (FAIRY KATHLEEN3 BEATY, ROBERT ABRAHAM2, R A1) was born May 31, 1915, and died July 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas.  He married RENE REED.


More About R A FLOYD:

Fact 1: Social Security Number was 558-30-6258


Child of R FLOYD and RENE REED is:

                   i.    ROGER ALLEN5 FLOYD.


5.  JAMES PAUL4 FLOYD (FAIRY KATHLEEN3 BEATY, ROBERT ABRAHAM2, R A1) was born May 18, 1919 in Yantis, Texas.  He married MILDRED INEZ SIBLEY December 05, 1938 in Dallas, Texas, daughter of WALTER SIBLEY and MABLE WAGGONER.



                   i.    DAVID ERROL5 FLOYD, b. April 27, 1942, Dallas, Texas; m. MARY SUE KING, November 24, 1969, New York City, New York.

                  ii.    SANDRA LEE FLOYD, b. December 30, 1948, Dallas, Texas; m. JAMES DANIEL KANE, December 30, 1968, Dallas, Texas.


6.  DELANA IMOGENE4 FLOYD (FAIRY KATHLEEN3 BEATY, ROBERT ABRAHAM2, R A1) was born September 11, 1920.  She married CHARLES D HOLMES November 12, 1937.



                   i.    KENNETH WAYNE5 HOLMES, b. April 02, 1947; m. ANITA RUTH REEP, July 06, 1969.

                  ii.    ROBERT READE HOLMES, b. May 04, 1950; m. CATHLEEN LEE BOOKOUT.